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The collective noun is a noun used to describe a group of objects or living things. This website provides a guide to the collective noun, along with lists of the collective nouns for people, animals and items.
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Originating in Greek drama, the apostrophe can be used as the rhetorical act of addressing a third party in poetry, lyrics or speech. This guide to the apostrophe covers all the uses of this humble punctuation mark, with examples provided throughout.
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Voted Best English Language School Southern Hemisphere in 2009 and 2007. English Language Company is one of the best known English schools in Australia with students from over 35 countries. Study English in beautiful Sydney at English Language Company.
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New Cambridge Institute (Thailand), under the registered name of Phongpattana Language School supervised by Ministry of Education. It is a high-quality academic English centre.
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Inverted commas, also known as speech marks or quotation mark are used to surround a piece of reported speech. The comma guide takes you through this as well as all the other users of the comma.
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You don't need to live in a foreign country to learn another language. Learn Spanish, French or any language in your own home at your own pace. Become fluent by using the best free and non-free tools online and making language learning a daily habit.
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Perfect for anyone who wants to learn a language. Complete with tips and tricks on the best, fastest and easiest way to learn a new language. OptiLingo is the best way to learn a new language. Want to know how to learn a language?
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Original methodology to get you on the fast track to language proficiency utilizing more than 30 years of experience and know-how in teaching Russian as foreign language. Immersive and intuitive course content designed with online learning in mind.
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Explore the noun as never before. The Noun Guide looks at the difference between a concrete and a common, proper and possessive noun, and many more. With examples and lists.
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A conjugated verb is a verb that has been changed from its base form to communicate at least one of the following: people, number, gender, tense, mood and voice. Read more and see examples with the online verbs guide.
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